8-Week: Online Poetry Workshop

$325.00 Members
$355.00 Non-members

This workshop focuses on your poems—writing them, reading them, listening to them, and discussing them. Every week we’ll take a close look at a few participant poems in the middle stages of composition. At the same time, we’ll read some old and new published poems for hints as to how they tick. Most importantly, perhaps, we’ll write new poems or pre-poems using exercises as a starting point. Throughout, we’ll discuss and think about what a poem might be (rather than what it should be), how we might approach writing them, and why we write and read them. Join us at any stage in your exploration of poetry.

About Online Classes with Lighthouse

Our online classes are designed to be flexible. There's no set meeting date or time, so students can login to participate whenever and wherever is convenient. Generally the instructor will post new material—such as readings, discussion questions, and writing prompts—on Mondays and students can post their responses to ongoing discussion feeds throughout the week.

On the Monday that class starts, we'll send instructions on how to login to your specific online class.

Technical Requirements:

We use a web-based program with technical specifications that are required to ensure it works properly. For an updated list of browsers and programs that work best with Canvas, please click here.

Instructor: Christopher Kondrich Learn More


Christopher's prompts were inventive and thought-provoking. They really shook me out of my writer's block! And he always did more than just critique—Christopher kept the communications going, so I never felt the distance I've experienced in other online classes.
Amy Irish