Adult Programs

    Weekly Workshops

    Our adult workshops strive to provide the highest caliber of artistic education, support, and community for writers and readers in the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond. We focus on the whole writer, providing an exceptional, inclusive learning experience, fully supporting the development of all writers as artists and human beings.

    Our 8-week classes offer a deep engagement with writing. Most often through detailed written and verbal feedback (workshopping), exercises, reading, and discussion, these classes provide each writer with the knowledge and skill to take the next step in their writing.

    Our 4-week classes often focus on an element of craft, a book, or a particular goal, from drafting a short story or essay to exploring the ins and outs of dialog. While each class is different, writers can expect a mix of readings, in and out-of-class exercises and discussions, and first-blush feedback.

    Our online classes are designed to be flexible. There is no set meeting date or time, so students can log in to participate whenever and wherever is convenient. Generally the instructor will post new material—such as readings, discussion questions, and writing prompts—on Mondays and students can post their responses to ongoing discussion feeds throughout the week.

    At either two-and-a-half or five hours, our one-day classes vary widely in their content and structure addressing the broad needs of writers. Through lecture, discussion, exercises, and informal sharing a writer can expect to leave a one-day workshop inspired and ready to write.

    Writership tuition assistance helps people with limited financial resources join our workshops and advance their skills as writers using funds allocated by grants or donated by other Lighthouse members and supporters.

    Please click the link to read our complete cancellation policy regarding all Lighthouse classes and events.

    The Book Project

    The Book Project is an intensive, two-year program aimed at giving writers of book-length manuscripts the classes, advice, and moral support they need to draft, revise, and—most importantly—finish.

    Poetry Collective

    The Poetry Collective is a manuscript-focused curriculum for poets. It’s a flexible, affordable program aimed at helping you produce a finished, high-quality book of poems that reads as a cohesive collection, not just a bundle of singular works.