The Fiction Writer's Guide to Fall Session 2019

The kids are back in school, the cooler weather makes it more justifiable to spend time indoors, and NaNoWriMo waits for no one: find the right class below to help take your writing to the next level or to simply help you get writing in the first place. 

4-Week Classes

4-Week: Lighthouse North-Writing 101: Gotta Start Somewhere with Tanja Pajevic

4-Week: Lighthouse North-Writing Lively Dialogue and Scenes that Don't Suck with Victoria Hanley

4-Week: Writing 101-Gotta Start Somewhwere with Joy Roulier Sawyer

4-Week: Novel Bootcamp III-Your Novel's Arc with William Haywood Henderson

4-Week: Draft a Short Story with John Cotter

4-Week: Writing and Personal Transformation with Joy Roulier Saywer

4-Week: Online Jumpstarting Your Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel with Erika T. Wurth

4-Week: Online Reading as a Writer-In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez with Eleanor Brown

4-Week: Lonetree-How to Keep Going with Erika T. Wurth

4-Week: Writing 101-Gotta Start Somewhere with Joy Roulier Saywer

4-Week: On Dialogue-Conversation, Speech, and Narrative in Prose with Erinrose Mager

4-Week: Writing 101-Gotta Start Somewhere with Joy Roulier Saywer

4-Week: Novel Bootcamp IV-Your Novel's Voice with William Haywood Henderson

4-Week: The Fabric of Words-Depth and Texture in Prose with John Cotter

4-Week: Spark and Re-Spark: Re-Ignite Your Craft and Creativity with Joy Roulier Saywer

4-Week: Reading as a Writer-The Lover with Nini Berndt

4-Week: Lighthouse North-Getting Started With the New Adult, Young Adult, or Middle Grade Novel with Victoria Hanley

4-Week: Daytime Writing 101-Gotta Start Somewhere with Joy Roulier Sawyer

8-Week Classes

8-Week: Intro to Writing the Novel with John Cotter

8-Week: Experiments in Genre with Christopher David Rosales

8-Week: Speculative Fiction Workshop with Courtney E. Morgan

8-Week: Intermediate Short Story Workshop with Liz Breazeale

8-Week: Writing the Literary Thriller with David Heska Wanbli Weiden

8-week: Lighthouse North-Advanced Novel and Short Story Workshop with Rachel Weaver

8-Week: Daytime Intermediate/Advanced Fiction and Memoir with Courtney E. Morgan

8-Week: Writing Ecological Fiction with Alexander Lumans

8-Week: Lighthouse North-Intro to Writing Fiction with Daniel Levine

8-Week: Lighthouse North-Intermediate Fiction Workshop with Sarah Schantz

8-Week: Intro to Writing the Short Story with Evelyn Hampton

8-Week: Online Intro to Fiction and Nonfiction-A Primer On All Things Prose with Christopher Merkner

8-Week: Online Intermediate/Advanced Fiction with Jacinda Townsend

8-Week: Intermediate Novel Workshop with Tiffany Quay Tyson

8-Week: Advanced Short Story Workshop with Paula Younger

8-Week: Workshopping the Workshop-Investigating Feedback and Your Work with Steven Dunn

One-Day Classes

Come Closer with Eleanor Brown

Getting Dialogue Right with Eleanor Brown

Lighthouse North: Tension and Conflict with Rachel Weaver

Lighthouse North: Expository Fiction with Jenny Wortman

Time is Short: Write Now! with BK Loren

Scrivener Bootcamp with Mark Springer

Mood Craft with Evelyn Hampton

When Inspiration Isn't Enough with Selah Saterstrom

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