Heart-Shaped Rock

By Sam Guymon

Editor's Note: This poem was written by a resident of Fort Lyon Supportive Residential Community, which provides recovery-oriented transitional housing, counseling, and services for homeless individuals.
Lighthouse sent two writers-in-residence to Fort Lyon this year to help participants explore personal histories and provide a forum for practicing creative exploration. This piece was produced during writer-in-residence Alexandra Donovan's stay at Fort Lyon this summer. For more information about the Fort Lyon residency, click here.

Dark grey,

flat and skinny

on the ground it did lay

sticking out like a shiny penny.


Two curves on top,

sharp point on the bottom,

It made me stop.

“My precious,” said Gollum.


It spoke a strange language,

the universal language of love.

For eternity it will never vanquish;

as is below, as is above.


My heart sank as I watched it skip across the lake

like stardust in the night: black and blue.

I had no clue what was at stake

the day I said good-bye to you.