Lit Fest 2021 Preview: Q&A With Visiting Author Hanif Abdurraqib

Editor's Note: In advance of the March 13 deadline to apply for Lit Fest Advanced Workshops, we've asked the 2021 Visiting Authors for a preview of their workshop style, what they're reading, and more.

What books/movies/tv shows have fired you up lately?

I really love Taylor Johnson's book Inheritance and Marianne Chan's book All Heathens.

What are you working/currently trying to work on these days?

I'm kind of having a lot of fun working through these small essays I've been writing about Yahoo Answers, just digging into the archives there and finding fascinating rabbit holes to go down and write 1000 word things about. I'm mostly doing this for myself, I don't think anyone will see them ever, which makes the writing of them more exciting.

How would you describe your workshop style?

Oh, I'm not sure! My hope is that it is conversational, and equitable. I like to think that we're all writers in the room and are equally tasked with sharing things that might enhance each other. I try to break down the "instructor/student" hierarchy, because I'm just not good at operating in that way. I'm a curious person by nature and I think that leads to a style where I want to do some communal seeking.

Are we living in a simulation or no?

I'd say no.

Hanif Abdurraqib is teaching Advanced Weeklong Nonfiction Workshop: Writing Into Hybrid Forms. Learn more here. Apply via Submittable.