The Nonfiction Writer's Guide to Fall Session 2019

Ready to polish up that collection of birding essays, or do you have a great idea but don't know where to start in writing it? We've got you covered; check out our 4-week, 8-week, and one-day classes below:

4-Week Classes

4-Week: Lighthouse North-Writing 101: Gotta Start Somewhere Tanja Pajevic

4-Week: Lighthouse North-Writing Lively Dialogue and Scenes That Don't Suck with Victoria Hanley

4-Week: Writing Scenes in Nonfiction with Helen Thorpe

4-Week: Writing 101-Gotta Start Somewhere with Joy Roulier Sawyer

4-Week: Writing and Personal Transformation with Joy Roulier Sawyer

4-Week: Lonetree-How to Keep Going with Erika T. Wurth

4-Week: Writing 101-Gotta Start Somewhere with Joy Roulier Sawyer

4-Week: Daytime Writing 101-Gotta Start Somewhere with Joy Roulier Sawyer

4-Week: On Dialogue-Conversation, Speech, and Narrative in Prose with Erinrose Mager

4-Week: The Fabric of Words-Depth and Texture in Prose with John Cotter

4-Week: Spark and Re-Spark: Re-Ignite Your Craft and Creativity with Joy Roulier Sawyer

8-Week Classes

8-Week: Nonfiction Workshop-Sharing and Refining Your Craft with Joel Warner

8-Week: Intermediate Memoir and Personal Essay with Steve Knopper

8-Week: Experiments in Genre with Christopher David Rosales

8-Week: Daytime Intermediate/Advanced Fiction and Memoir with Courtney E. Morgan

8-Week: Advanced Memoir and Narrative Nonfiction with Michael Henry

8-Week: Lighthouse North-What's Your Story? Writing Powerful Memoir with Tanja Pajevic

8-Week: No I in Nonfiction with Jason Heller

8-Week: Intro to Personal Narrative and Memoir with Bailey Pittenger

8-Week: Lakewood-Advanced Essay with Emily Sinclair

8-Week: Online Intro to Fiction and Nonfiction-A Primer On All Things Prose with Christopher Merkner

8-Week: Online Memoir and Personal Essay with Jenny Wortman

8-Week: Workshopping the Workshop-Investigating Feedback and Your Work with Steven Dunn

One-Day Classes

Mood Craft with Evelyn Hampton

When Inspiration Isn't Enough with Selah Saterstrom

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