The Writer's Guide to Winter Session 2020

The weather outside So you might as well buckle down and harness that New-Year-energy towards a writing project. Need a generative workshop, one-day inspiration fest, or structured 4 or 8-week series of classes? We've got you covered.


4-Week Classes

4-Week: Reading as a Writer—Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and The Testaments with Tiffany Quay Tyson

4-Week: Novel Bootcamp I—Your Story with William Haywood Henderson

4-Week: Draft a Short Story with John Cotter

4-Week: Novel Bootcamp II—Your Novel's World with William Haywood Henderson

4-Week: Reading as a Writer—Toni Morrison's Beloved and Jazz with John Cotter

8-Week Classes

8-Week: Lighthouse North—Intermediate Fiction Workshop with Sarah Elizabeth Schantz

8-Week: Intermediate/Advanced Novel Workshop with Tiffany Quay Tyson

8-Week: Rewriting the Fairy Tale with Emily Flouton

8-Week: Advanced Novel Workshop with William Haywood Henderson

8-Week: Intermediate Short Story Workshop with Evelyn Hampton

8-Week: Intermediate Novel Workshop with Christopher David Rosales

8-Week: Breaking Bad—Writing the Unlikeable Character with Alexander Lumans

8-Week: Intro to Writing the Short Story with Liz Breazale

8-Week: Online Intermediate/Advanced Fiction with Jacinda Townsend

8-Week: Lakewood—All-Levels Novel Writing with John Cotter

8-Week: Lighthouse North—Daytime Advanced Novel and Short Story Workshop with Rachel Weaver

8-Week: Intro to Writing the Novel with John Cotter


Finish Your Manuscript: Plot Diagnostic with Erika Krouse


4-Week Classes

4-Week: Lighthouse North—Eight Keys to the Kingdom of Memoir with Karen Tolchin

4-Week: Memoir Meets the World—The Fantastic First Chapter with Vicki Lindner

8-Week Classes

8-Week: Advanced Memoir and Narrative Nonfiction with Joanna Howard

8-Week: Nonfiction Workshop—Sharing and Refining Your Craft with Joel Warner

8-Week: Lakewood—Reading and Writing Creative Nonfiction with Emily Sinclair

8-Week: Intro to Writing the Personal Narrative and Memoir with Bailey Pittenger

8-Week: Daytime Intro to Fiction and Memoir with Courtney Morgan

8-Week: Lighthouse North—What's Your Story? Writing Powerful Memoir with Tanja Pajevic

8-Week: Intermediate Memoir and Personal Essay with Steve Knopper

8-Week: Online Forms of Memoir with Jennifer Denrow


Lighthouse North: Proposals 101—How to Write a Nonfiction Proposal that Will Sell with Karen Auvinen

How to Make a (Darn Good) Living as a Freelance Writer with Doug McPherson

Travel Writing with Julian Rubinstein

Lighthouse North: Personality Typing—A Tool for Memoir Writers with Karen Tolchin


4-Week Classes

4-Week: 4 X 4—Four Poems in Four Weeks with Lynn Wagner

8-Week Classes

8-Week: Introduction to Poetry Workshop with Toby Altman

8-Week: Intermediate Poetry Workshop with Seth Brady Tucker

8-Week: Daytime All-Levels Poetry Workshop with Jessica Comola

8-Week: Online Poetry Workshop with Christopher Kondrich

8-Week: Advanced Poetry Workshop with Andrea Rexilius


Poetry of Place with Jodie Hollander

Writing the Duplicate Mind: Poetry and the Work of Profound Imitation with Dan Beachy-Quick

Poetics: Why We Write and Read Poetry with Elizabeth Robinson

Weekend Intensives

Weekend Intensive: Movements in 20th Century Poetry with Elizabeth Robinson

Weekend Intensive: The Onegin Explosion with David J. Rothman


8-Week Classes

8-Week: Experimental/Hybrid Forms with Richard Froude

8-Week: Online Betwixt, Stretched, Of-the-Moment—Hybrid and Unexpected Forms with Jessica Roeder


4-Week Classes

4-Week: Writing is Choosing with Nick Arvin

4-Week: Lighthouse North—Devil In the Details with Daniel Levine

4-Week: Night-Time Consciousness—Exploring Your Interior World with Rebecca Berg

8-Week Classes

8-Week: Lessons from Billie Holiday—What Writers Can Learn from Other Artists with Dino Enrique Piacentini

8-Week: Lighthouse North—Intro to Writing Fiction and Memoir with Victoria Hanley

8-Week: Daytime Intermediate/Advanced Fiction and Memoir with Courtney Morgan

8-Week: Online Intro to Fiction and Nonfiction—A Primer on All Things Prose with Christopher Merkner

8-Week: Lighthouse North—Daytime Fiction and Memoir Workshop with Rachel Weaver


Turning Characters Inside Out: Crafting Inner Lives with Vicki Lindner

Finish Your Manuscript: Buckle Down and Wrap Up Your Book with Eleanor Brown

Lighthouse North: Trapped in the Body with Daniel Levine

All Genres

4-Week Classes

4-Week: Writing 101—Gotta Start Somewhere with Joy Roulier Sawyer

4-Week: Online Writing Jump-Start: Earth, Air, Fire, Water with Jennifer Wortman

4-Week: Lighthouse North—Writing 101: Gotta Start Somewhere with Tanja Pajevic

4-Week: Daytime Writing 101—Gotta Start Somewhere with Joy Roulier Sawyer

4-Week: OuLiPo—Writing from Constraint with Erinrose Mager

4-Week: Spark and Re-Spark: Re-Ignite Your Craft and Creativity with Joy Roulier Sawyer

4-Week: Online Writing Jump-Start: Work, the Body, Food, Music with Jennifer Wortman


Writing on Purpose—The New and Improved New Year’s Kick-Butt Goal-Setting Class with Shari Caudron

Lighthouse North: Seize the Day—Complete a Manuscript While Working Full-Time with Radha Marcum

Writing and Reading with Chronic Illness and/or Disability with Bailey Pittenger

Lighthouse North: Meditation for Writers with Victoria Hanley

Lighthouse North: Making it All the Way to the End with Victoria Hanley


8-Week: The Table—Advanced Screenwriting Workshop with Michael Catlin

8-Week: Playwriting Workshop with Melissa Lucero McCarl

Weekend Intensive: The Full Script—Screenplays and Pilots with Jenny Taylor-Whitehorn