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The 2021 Beacon Award Goes to Tiffany Quay Tyson

November 23, 2021

We're pleased to announce the winner of the 2021 Beacon Award for Excellence in Teaching: Tiffany Quay Tyson. The...
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Faculty Spotlight: Interview with Teow Lim Goh

November 10, 2021

Editor's Note: On the occasion of her new collection of poems, Faraway Places, Mike Henry asked Lighthouse instructor...
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Chris Ransick In Memoriam: An Interview with Joy Roulier Sawyer

November 02, 2021

November 4, 2021 marks the two-year anniversary of Chris Ransick’s passing. Recently, Joy Sawyer sent me this interview...
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Lit Matters: The Demands and Mysteries

November 18, 2014

by Jay Kenney

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Lit Matters: The Dogs Made Me Do It

November 17, 2014

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Lit Matters: Reading Ahead

November 14, 2014

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Lit Matters: Autumn Leaves

November 13, 2014

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Lit Matters: Mushrooms and the Gates of Hell

November 12, 2014

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Lit Matters: The Kinder Laws of Literature

November 11, 2014

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Lit Matters: Dharma Bums and Wandering Books

November 07, 2014

by Kate Barrett

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Lit Matters: Restless Songs, Lost Highways, and Lonesome Yearning

November 04, 2014

Like every other reader, probably, I tie my love for reading to my childhood.

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Lit Matters: Why Stories Matter To Me

November 03, 2014

About a year ago, when my daughter was nearing four, we were out on a walk.

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Rebecca Makkai Talks Ghost Stories, Old Houses, Mad Men and More

October 31, 2014

Rebecca Makkai's recently released novel, The Hundred-Year House, was described by Megham Daum at the Ne

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A Review of 3 Online Writing Classes

October 23, 2014

Knufken reviews three online writing classes! LH comes out on top. :)

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Member Dispatch: Traveling Lit

October 22, 2014

by Brett Randell

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Dennis Lehane, Pen and Podium, and Noir

October 20, 2014

by Dan Manzanares

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Inside the Writer's Studio with George Saunders

October 17, 2014

Inside the Writer's Studio is the popular and unpredictable on-stage, unscripted conversation between studio guest Ge

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Member Dispatch: Being (Near) George Saunders

October 11, 2014

by Victoria Gundrum

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Matthew Thomas Reading: We Are Not Ourselves

October 07, 2014

Matthew Thomas read from his novel We Are Not Ourselves to a packed crowd in the Lighthouse Grotto.