2020-2021 CO Poetry Out Loud

The NEA has announced that the 2021 National Poetry Out Loud Finals will be held virtually as a video submission-based competition and strongly encourages contest organizers at all levels to hold virtual events in order to ensure the safety and well-being of students, parents, teachers, and everyone involved with POL. 

In accordance with that direction, Colorado’s 2021 Poetry Out Loud State Finals will also be held virtually as a video submission-based competition. This year’s Poetry Out Loud is a great opportunity for students learning in remote or hybrid models to showcase their creativity in a meaningful, fun, and digitally-engaging way. 

As you consider hosting Poetry Out Loud, please note that schools and organizations are encouraged, but not required, to host virtual competitions. Any organizer who declines to hold a virtual competition, and elects to hold an in-person contest, must follow all federal, state, and local guidelines in regard to slowing the spread of COVID-19. This may include wearing masks, enforcing social distancing measures, hand sanitizing, and ensuring participants and guardians are not displaying symptoms of COVID-19 prior to attending, and while participating in, a POL event. 

For guidance regarding POL virtual competitions, please reference the POL Virtual Competitions and Filming Requirements document.

If you are interested in having your school or organization participate in Poetry Out Loud, please complete this form. Educators, librarians, and community organizers are encouraged to complete this form indicating their intent to participate. Individual students unable to participate at their school or local organization should contact Colorado’s Poetry Out Loud coordinator at [email protected] to discuss other opportunities for inclusion in the official Poetry Out Loud program.