Give Fest 6.20.20

    Give Fest 6.20.20 is Lighthouse's second annual 24-hour giving day that advances the role of story in our society—because everyone's story truly does matter. Taking place on the middle Saturday of Lit Fest, Give Fest invites you to help make creative writing possible and accessible for essential workers as well as underserved adults and youth who are experiencing challenges such as homelessness, poverty, incarceration, addiction, or serious illness. You can provide joyful creative experiences that can provide hope and rejuvenation for individuals whose voices are rarely heard. Speak up for the programs you're most passionate about with a gift, in any amount. Every gift, like every story, matters.

    Can't wait for Give Fest? Give now!

    Young Writers Program

    "Poetry helped me express myself when I couldn't find a way to," said J, a student at Third Way, a residential center for high risk, mentally ill, disadvantaged and often homeless adolescents.

    Community Engagement

    "The Hard Times Writing workshop is amazing. Every week, people show up, and they write about exactly that, their hard times. One woman, who attends weekly, said to me one day 'I didn't know that the awful things I had been through could help others, and I didn't know that witnessing others' hard times could help me.'" Elissa Hardy, Community Resource Manager at Denver Public Library


    "She is one of the most innately talented writers I've met in 40 years of teaching," said Amy Hempel about Book Project Fellow Nini Berndt.

    Lighthouse didn’t just teach me how to write; they taught me a way of life.

    —A fourth grader from our program in public housing neighborhoods.