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As a nonprofit organization, Lighthouse depends on your support to continue serving writers and readers of all levels and backgrounds. Your contribution allows us to expand our community outreach programs, bring in more visiting authors, and provide Writership financial assistance to participants who need it. Donations also support our Young Writers Program, which serves more than 2,000 kids and teens every year through creative writing workshops at schools and youth centers and through our summer writing camps and Saturday programs at Lighthouse.

Every dollar counts: Just $53 pays for one young writer to attend a writing workshop. A $200 donation allows us to run another week of our Hard Times Writing Workshop for adults experiencing homelessness. And $300 or more can send a kid to summer camp or underwrite an 8-week writing workshop for an adult in need. When you donate, you can designate your gift for a specific program or purpose or have us apply it wherever it’s most needed.

Whatever you’re able to contribute, thank you! Your support helps keep Lighthouse and Colorado’s literary arts community bright.

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