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Oso Guardiola was born in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1996. This is why he denies all charges of having murdered West Coast rapper Tupac Shakur. Oso was raised in a family of strict artists who repressed his desires to express himself mathematically. After being rejected from MIT, he said, "You win, Dad," and wrote a short story.

He attended Thomas Aquinas College where he studied Philosophy and Catholic Theology. Despite his serious no-funny-business demeanor, friends describe his stories as hysterical Kafkaesque satires of Nicholas Sparks's The Notebook.

Today, Oso pursues his MFA in Creative Writing - Fiction at the Iowa Writers Workshop, where he is a teaching fellow and recipient of the Maytag scholarship. His work, fiction and nonfiction, has appeared in La Piccioletta Barca and Dappled Things. He was the 2021 Honorable Mention in Short Fiction from San Miguel de Allende Writing Contest and the 2022 Runner Up for the J.F. Powers Prize in Fiction. His writing is concerned with Hispanic/bilingual communities in South Texas and North Mexico, La Frontera.