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Suzi Q. Smith is an artist, activist, and educator who hails from Denver, Colorado. She holds a degree in English writing from the University of Colorado at Denver, and she has been performing poetry throughout the United States for over a decade. Her poems have appeared in Union Station Magazine, Suspect Press, La Palabra, Muzzle Magazine, Malpais Review, The Pedestal, The Los Angeles Journal, Denver Syntax, Word is Bond, The Peralta Press, and in the anthologies Diverse-City, His Rib: Anthology of Women, and In Our Own Words, and her chapbook collection of poems, Thirteen Descansos, is available from Penmanship Books. She is currently the co-Chair of the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs. 

In addition to working as a teaching artist in Denver, she was the founding Slammaster of Slam Nuba, and spent 12 years in the poetry slam arena as a competing poet, coach, organizer, board member, eventually serving as the Executive Director of Poetry Slam, Inc. from 2014-2018. She placed as a finalist in the Women of the World Poetry Slam in 2011 and 2013 as well the Individual World Poetry Slam in 2011, she is a Southwest Shootout champion, and she has earned the champion (or co-champion) title at the Taos Poetry Festival: Versing in Converse three times since 2009. In addition, she has worked extensively with youth, serving as a Partner Artist with Youth On Record, and as co-coach of Denver Minor Disturbance Youth Poetry Slam, resulting in two championship teams between 2011-2014.