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Zach Guss is a writer, educator, and film student, holding a BA in English from the University of Northern Colorado. There, he studied poetry, fiction, screenwriting, playwriting, memoir, editorials, TV reviewing, and entrepreneurship in the arts. He has taken writing and performance workshops from three-time world champion spoken word artist Buddy Wakefield, National Poetry Slam Champion and youth educator Jovan Mays, and Carrie Rudzinski, 4th place at the Women of the World Poetry Slam. Zach has been published in Chantwood Magazine, The Crucible, and received an editor’s choice award from Teen Ink. Zach’s art delves into and plays with the human needs for hope, love, and humor. He fervently believes that the fact that we are all on a big rock hurtling through space is literally the coolest thing that has happened to anyone.

Excerpt from "Slam Poetry Foot Soldiers"

"Zach Guss… writes for Jews /for gentiles/ for the idea that if art is godly /then it must belong to everyone.”
Emryse Geye