2018-2019 Craft Seminar Five-Pack

$285.00 Members
$345.00 Non-members

The Craft Seminar Five-Pack is a great way to save money and completely immerse yourself in Lighthouse seminars.

The pass covers five half-day craft seminars of your choice—we recommend checking each to see if they're listed as full and having several alternative classes in mind.

DO NOT ADD YOUR CLASSES TO YOUR CART. When you purchase a five-pack, a member of our staff will email you a coupon code and instructions for how to register for your seminars. The coupon is valid until May 11. The 2017-2018 Craft Seminar Five-Pack is not valid for Lit Fest and cannot be used retroactively. 

Please note that seminars fill up quickly, and choices are not guaranteed until you are able to register for each class with your coupon code. If you purchase your five-pack outside of regular business hours, it may take us until the next business day to get back to you.

The 2018-2019 Craft Seminar Five-Pack can be used for:

Visiting Author Series: Erasure Poetry with Barbara Tomash, July 21;

The Writer's Studio Craft Talk: Every Story is a Haunted House Story with Carmen Maria Machado, July 29;

Taking Risks: A Guide to Writing What Matters with John Cotter, August 25;

Lighthouse North: The Art of Literary Submission (Louisville) with Jenny Shank, Septemper 6;

Writing Through Tarot: Using Divination as a Tool to Generate Prose and Poetry with Selah Saterstrom, September 8;

How to Write the YA/MG Adventure Novel with Lija Fisher, September 30;

Indelible Images, Lasting Stories: Understanding How Brain Science Strenghtens Writing with BK Loren, October 20;

Lighthouse North: Writing for Magazines with Tracy Ross, October 25;

Intro to Writing the Children's Picture Books with Denise Vega, October 27;

Thanks for the Ode with Juan Morales, October 28;

Writing the Best American Essay with John Cotter, November 10;

Freelance Writing 101 with Steve Knopper, November 17;

Finish Your Manuscript: Buckle Down and Wrap Up Your Book with Elanor Brown, January 26;

Lighthouse North: Hey! Look Over There! Misdirection in Fiction with Jenny Itell, January 26;

Writing the Impossible with Selah Saterstrom, January 26;

Fun With First Person: Making the Most of Point of View with Jenny Itell, February 9;

FInish Your Manuscript: Plot Diagnostic with Erik Krouse, February 23;

Characters Who Come Alive with John Cotter, March 2.












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