4-Week: Reading as a Writer—Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber (Zoom)

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It’s been forty years since Angela Carter’s classic short story collection The Bloody Chamber upended how we look at fairy tales and gothic imagery, injecting childhood bedtime stories with over-the-top sensory effects; incantatory rhythms; shimmering, bejeweled diction; and an arch, sexualized feminism. Bluebeard, Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, Beauty and her Beast—Carter’s baroque maximalism utterly transforms these familiar characters, making what is staid and comfortable electrifying and decidedly uncomfortable.

In this four-week class, we’ll look closely at Carter’s 20th century masterpiece to glean lessons that can inform and enhance our own writing. We’ll investigate how she employs voice, diction, and syntax. We’ll examine how she builds tension and plays with escalation. We’ll game out her stories’ structures. And we’ll consider how her stories can offer us a fresh template for reimagining and refreshing our own under-the-hood childhood myths, tales, dreams, and nightmares. Participants in this discussion-based course can expect weekly reading and annotation assignments, as well as optional writing assignments that experiment with some of Carter's strategies and techniques. As this is not a workshop, however, we'll not be reviewing and critiquing each others' writing.

Required Text:
The Bloody Chamber, by Angela Carter

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