4-Week: A Strange Object—New Structures in Storytelling (Denver)

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We know the traditional shape of Freytag’s Pyramid, but there are also many other structures in which to tell a tale: for example, write a story as a to-do list, an incomplete CV, a spiral’s contour, a skyline. Jane Alison, in her craft text Meander Spiral Explode, says of new structures: “I hope that other patterns might help us imagine new ways to make our narratives vital and true.” In this class, we’ll read examples of unique story structures as well as Alison’s Meander Spiral Explode. We’ll discuss how and why different authors’ formal decisions change their storytelling modes. And we’ll experiment in our own writing with an eye toward these non-traditional forms. This is for all levels of prose writers. Join us for a wild ride through the strange and wonderful shapes a story can take.

Required Text:
Meander Spiral Explore, by Jane Alison

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