4-Week: Write First—Start Your Day on the Page (Zoom)

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Commit to building a strong writing habit and making significant progress on your current project when you put your writing first. Writers will come together for a virtual writing prompt/pep talk at 6 a.m. two days a week, followed by focused writing time and an opportunity to share work and discuss progress at the end of each meeting. At the first meeting, each writer will set a personal writing goal that is both ambitious and achievable and we’ll check in on those goals at regular intervals throughout the class.

Instructor: Tiffany Quay Tyson Learn More


Aug 23, 2022 6:00am - 8:00amAug 25, 2022 6:00am - 8:00amAug 30, 2022 6:00am - 8:00amSep 01, 2022 6:00am - 8:00amSep 06, 2022 6:00am - 8:00amSep 08, 2022 6:00am - 8:00amSep 13, 2022 6:00am - 8:00amSep 15, 2022 6:00am - 8:00am