8-Week: Advanced Nonfiction Workshop (Zoom)

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Perhaps the biggest challenge in writing longform narrative nonfiction concerns the matter of structure. Assembling a reported story with the right chronological flow can be difficult, so in this eight-week workshop, we'll focus on putting factual material in the right order for optimum storytelling, from the writer's point of view.

Class readings will include a few classic openings, some strong examples of how to create forward momentum or suspense, and several exemplary endings, drawn from works of narrative nonfiction. We will also be reading critical works that talk about those kinds of key moments in narrative structure. While participants will not be asked to share manuscripts for workshopping with one another, they will be asked to talk through their ongoing work and what they are hoping to attempt.

Participants will also be invited to share short readings aloud to hear first blush responses.

Required texts: The instructor will share short passages of published works with the class of about one page in length for academic purposes and will invite participants to read the entire books being discussed. The names of the books selected for study will be shared with participants in advance.

Prerequisites: At least one intermediate or advanced nonfiction workshop and permission from the insturctor. 

To apply: Please submit five pages of work, a brief synopsis of your project, and a workshop history to [email protected]

Instructor: Helen Thorpe Learn More


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