Advanced Weeklong Fiction Workshop: Creating Indelible Moments with Peter Orner

$850.00 Members
$910.00 Non-members

Sometimes it’s the indelible moments that make all the difference. What makes certain moments, big or small, stick, for years, in a reader’s mind? Leopold Bloom on the toilet in Ulysses. Or when a woman gets stuck in a window (on a dare) while bombs are dropping on London in Muriel Spark’s novel, Girls of Slender Means. Or a moment when two kids, on a whim, begin trashing a house in Munro's "Vandals." We’ll focus on how to lend gravity to seemingly small instances, the pins in the machinery of the novel, in order to give your story those moments that lodge in a reader’s mind. Accepted participants will submit up to 20 pages by noon (MST) on May 11, and will have the opportunity to schedule a meeting with Orner during the week of class.

Applications for Lit Fest advanced workshops close on March 14 and can be found here. Learn more about Lit Fest Advanced Workshops here. Accepted writers will be given the password to register for the workshop in late March.

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Jun 08, 2020 9:00am - 11:30amJun 09, 2020 9:00am - 11:30amJun 10, 2020 9:00am - 11:30amJun 11, 2020 9:00am - 11:30amJun 12, 2020 9:00am - 11:30am