Art + Lit: Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party + Chris Kraus's 'I Love Dick' with Andrea Dupree and Meg Jackson

Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party and Chris Kraus's 'I Love Dick'

Join the Art Students League of Denver and Lighthouse Writers Workshop for a series of lectures about the intersection of literature and art. Co-presented by a writer and a visual artist or art historian, each session pairs a work of literature and a work of visual art together. The speakers discuss both, and make connections between the two. The audience is encouraged to read the book and review the visual art piece prior to each program, and to engage in the discussion during the Q & A session.


All are welcome, including those who have not yet read the book!


Speakers: Andrea Dupree, Program Director of Lighthouse, and Meg Jackson, Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art History at DU.  

Instructor: Several Instructors Learn More


May 05, 2017 6:00pm - 7:30pm