The Book Project Presents: In Praise of the Confessional with Melissa Febos

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How often have you heard another writer grimace at the concept of literary writing as cathartic or, even worse, therapeutic? How often have you agreed? So many of us fear that by taking our own most vulnerable experiences as subjects, we'll diminish the value of our work. We torment ourselves with the question: Who cares? What worse fate for a writer than to be considered navel-gazing! Too often we take for granted the false binary between the personal and the intellectual. A literary work's aesthetic or intellectual merit does not preclude catharsis, redemption, nor concerns of domestic, corporeal, or "confessional" nature. Why shouldn't a literary examination of our own most vulnerable experiences, yes, our traumas, approach profound universalities, be intellectually astute, politically relevant, spiritually profound, and aesthetically great? During this talk, we'll take a long look into our own navels, interrogate our own inherited biases and consider why "personal" writing—from memoir to autobiographically-inspired fiction to poetry—might be exactly what we need right now. Join us at 5:30 PM for a casual happy hour mixer.

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Apr 16, 2021 6:00pm - 7:30pm