The Book Project Presents: Writing While the World's On Fire with Vauhini Vara

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Writing While the World's On Fire: At a time like this, how can anyone possibly be writing? In this keynote, Vauhini Vara, the author of the forthcoming The Immortal King Rao and This is Salvaged, will tell the story of selling her novel and short-story collection to a publishing house the day before the coronavirus pandemic hit—and having to suddenly wrestle with how to meet a deadline this fall for edits on the novel, while also caring for a five-year-old who is home from school and worrying about the health of her family members and society at large. She will share her personal experience of trying to find the logistical and emotional space to write during this time, with mixed results, and offer insights, from her own experience and those of her writer friends, into how we all might go about mapping a new writing practice onto this new way of life.

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Apr 17, 2020 6:30pm - 7:30pm