Daily Zoom: Getting a Great Start

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$35.00 Non-members

In this class we’ll start by looking at some great novel openings. Any novel worth its salt (avoid cliché at all costs!) lays out its complexity and meaning on the first page. We’ll examine what these openings set up for the reader: How are the novel’s themes hinted at; is there a sense of how we’ll engage with the story; do we already sense a character’s stakes, desires, fears? You’ll find that an immense amount of information about a book appears on the first page. Then we’ll take some time to look at the opening of your own novel (or memoir, or story) to see if we can divine the overarching themes and ideas you’re exploring. Take this chance to tune up your book’s opening, perhaps for your agent meeting. 

What to bring to cyberclass: The first page of your story/book (have it open on your computer so that you can share it with the class).

Instructor: William Haywood Henderson Learn More


Apr 14, 2021 2:00pm - 2:50pm