Depicting the Body in Fiction and Nonfiction

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Our bodies are sites of revelation, yet all too often bodies are all but forgotten in both nonfiction and fiction alike. Many writers feel trepidation and anxiety when it comes to depicting messy bodily realities—sex, illness, pregnancy, death, chronic pain, disability, abuse, unruly desires—and therefore either skirt these issues or write in abstractions and generalities that prevent their work from attaining the powerful resonance it might otherwise possess. In this experiential workshop, we'll unlock and demystify "body writing" with a series of generative exercises as well as a deep dive into the work of several fearless writers known for their profoundly physical work. Intended for writers of either fiction or nonfiction, and suitable for those who inhabit every type of body, we'll reach beyond avoidance, presumptions, and cliches to tap in to the transformational and revolutionary potential of literature rooted in our complex physical truths.

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Apr 11, 2021 9:30am - 12:30pm