Find a Publisher for Your Children's Book: Tools for Next Steps

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Have you completed a picture book, a middle grade or YA novel? Have you revised and polished it but don't know what to do next? This seminar will explore where you are with your manuscript and what steps you (and your manuscript) are ready to take. We'll look at questions to help you evaluate whether your manuscript is truly ready for submission to publishers/agents (and touch briefly on self-publishing as a viable path.) We will also discuss the role of an agent, whether you need one and if so, how to find one. We'll look at a variety of resources to identify potential publishers and agents for your work along with the elements of an effective query and cover letter, how to format your manuscript for submission, and how to track submissions and follow up with publishers/agents, as well as considerations while submitting in uncertain times.The goal is to leave this workshop with the start of a query letter and a strategy for identifying potential agents/publishers, as well as the methodology to proceed in a professional manner. Note that this is a tools-oriented day; we won't be workshopping individual query/cover letters.

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Nov 22, 2020 9:30am - 12:30pm