Finish Your Manuscript: Plot Diagnostic

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This series of workshops, taught by the Book Project faculty, is designed for advanced writers who have a complete manuscript and have reached the point where their pages need a final polish before submitting to agents and publishers. Across five months and five meetings, you’ll work through all aspects of your book, test point of view and plot and complexity, and end with agent Shana Kelly, who will provide a refresher on all things “business” and send you off with a submission plan.

We recommend taking these courses as a series to get the continuity you need to complete your book and send it into the world (not to mention the entire series comes at a discounted price). However, these courses are available a la carte as well

You’ve stared at your manuscript until you can’t see it anymore, read it aloud to your dog, chanted over candles and considered deals with the devil, but something in your plot still isn’t working and you don’t know what it is. In this diagnostic class, we’ll examine our stories’ stakes, agency, ramifications, conflicts, and dramatic questions through the lens of the narrative arc (exposition, inciting incident, rising action, crisis, climax, falling action, resolution). There is a cure! Class is appropriate for any prose writer with a full draft of a (short or long) plot-challenged story.

Instructor: Erika Krouse Learn More


Feb 23, 2019 1:00pm - 3:30pm