Into The Frying Pan: Getting Through the Middle

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Everyone’s been there. You’re writing along maybe you’ve reached page 30 or page 130 and suddenly you arrive in the murky middle and everything just stops. Maybe you don’t know where to take the story, maybe you aren’t liking your original plot line. From the beginning you might have set your main character on a course without fully knowing their ghost, their third rail that makes them crazy, or maybe the real guts of your story. In this course we’ll peel back the layers of storytelling and talk middles: how to raise stakes, quicken the pace, and make things difficult for your character. We’ll talk about widely used methods from a variety of authors including Story Genius, Save the Cat, and beat-sheets. Bring your current work in progress or a stalled project for this roll-your-sleeves-up session.

Instructor: Olivia Chadha Learn More


Mar 13, 2021 10:00am - 12:00pm