I'm Talking to "You”: Poetry as Correspondence (Zoom)

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Using the rhythms and material of our everyday lives, this intensive class will approach the poem through the lens of correspondence, playing with forms of address. This approach to the poem might help us think, not of an abstract audience per se, but the audience of which we are a part and therefore, what most needs saying, how the act of correspondence might allow us to be agentic speakers of our own truths.

This class offers an opportunity to work with the scraps of writing you collect in the shuffle and bustle of the everyday as well as a chance to generate new material that is in conversation with everyday experience. Rather than seeing the events of the everyday as (simply) obstacles to our writing life, we'll explore the material of the everyday that our writing is always already in conversation with and facilitate conversations between these experiences and the page. We'll read/watch/observe and discuss a few examples of such work from other writers and artists, do some generative in-class writing, while also creating space for informally sharing and querying about the writing process.

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Dec 12, 2021 10:00am - 1:00pm