Making with Words: Language as Material (Denver)

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The author is not a passive observer. This seminar situates writing as an art discipline alongside painting, sculpture, dance, theater, and music. It explores the material aspect of writing: how a writer finds or accumulates material, both content and text, and how to look for patterns in it, which lend structure to the work it becomes. We’ll then look at elements of composition that hold true across art practices, reframing writing not as a siloed subject, but rather one that shares knowledge and techniques with all art forms. We’ll find ways to employ shape, gesture, color, line, and perspective in the world of our writing, using the materials we have. Finally, we’ll reflect on how a piece of writing, once complete, itself gestures into, colors, and lends perspective in the world. Students are encouraged to bring a piece of writing to class which they've previously abandoned, as well as a magazine they don't mind cutting up. There will be in-class writing, crafting, and revision.

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Oct 16, 2022 10:00am - 12:00pm