Rainbow Room

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This LGBTQIAP+ centered online class provides teen writers a place to develop their skills and stretch the boundaries of their writing. All genres of writing are welcome: poetry, memoir/personal essay, hybrid, fiction of all kinds, including sci-fi/fantasy, magic realism, realistic, and any other genre you dream up. We’ll talk novels, short stories, poetry, memoir and more—all with examples from queer-identified writers and led by a queer instructor. Through writing prompts and work with your instructor, you’ll develop new pieces and make progress on your own projects. The Rainbow Room welcomes your writing, whether you’re penning a coming out story or developing a novel where the characters just happen to be gay. This is a safe space where you don’t have to worry if your queer stories will be embraced. We're using queer as an inclusive term for all those in the LGBTQIAP+ community, aka: if you think you might belong here, you do!

Instructor: Jesaka Long Learn More