Reboot Your Memoir

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Writing your memoir can be an especially rewarding journey. At times, though, it can also be quite challenging. On bad days, it can feel like you’re shooting at a moving target. Or trying to wrestle an octopus. There’s a reason so many memoirists get stuck, particularly once the initial excitement has worn off and we’re stuck in the mucky middle of writing a book. In this one-day course, we’ll cover solid techniques for rebooting your memoir. We'll reassess your current roadmap, define what's working and clarify what needs tweaking, identify the saboteurs that come with writing memoir, and more. 

This is a working class interspersed with plenty of teaching and support. Please print out all of your materials (whether you have 25 pages or 200) and bring them to class along with your favorite pens/markers, sticky notes, organizational materials and anything that will make you feel safe and warm (tea/coffee, snacks, hoodie, blanket, etc.). It’s important that you’re able to spread out your materials, so please be sure to bring a hard copy.

Instructor: Tanja Pajevic Learn More


Feb 16, 2019 10:00am - 4:00pm