Seeing It Again: The Agonizing Necessity of Revision

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The writer Paul Engle once said, “Writing is rewriting what you’ve already rewritten.” Most veteran creative writers would agree with this, and yet so many of us avoid this kind of deep, unrelenting revision whenever possible. It’s not due to laziness, for people who write daily, people who steal precious time from their busy lives to do so, are not afraid of hard work. No, it is something else entirely, and it has to do with a writer’s perceptions of their talents. It has to do with a writer’s often shaky belief that they even have the ability to create fiction or nonfiction that aspires to art in the first place. In this workshop we’ll confront the myriad, often overlapping challenges that each writer must face in order to bring their work to its fullest fruition, time and time again.

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Jun 12, 2023 4:00pm - 6:00pm