Set the Setting

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In this workshop we'll examine setting as a powerful foundation on which to craft all narrative (both fiction and creative nonfiction). We'll look at place and how it grounds the reader to the page; as it provides the reader a place to be, space can then be used to establish mood and emotion. We'll look at how specific sites embody or exude a particular mythos or culture, and in addition to pulling symbols from such surroundings, we'll use the possible side-stories that arise from place to create tension and bring meaning to the text. Because location should always be action, we'll explore setting as a potential character and all the ways a place can either work as antagonist or be used to bring harmony to a situation. Via mapping, and other relevant exercises, we'll contemplate setting as a comprehensive combination of time and space, and learn how to best utilize each potential site and the stories that transpire from or upon the area.

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Dec 05, 2020 1:00pm - 4:00pm