Summer Writing Camp: Teen Writing Marathon

$45.00 Members
$45.00 Non-members

In this highly generative, day-long writing experience, we will explore a variety of genres, topics and approaches in order to produce a ton of new writing. The focus of the marathon will be to silence the critic and just write, real and raw, with unbridled imagination and flow for the entire day. Writing sessions will be punctuated with short walks, tea and snack breaks, as well as optional sharing rounds. Whether you are looking to expand your repertoire of written work, find your authentic voice through uncensored writing, or push past writer’s block, the writing marathon is sure to activate creativity and freedom in your writing.

By registering your child for a workshop, you authorize Lighthouse to use your child’s writing and/or photo in future marketing and/or promotional materials, including electronic formats.

Instructor: Azar Kohzadi Learn More


Jun 26, 2020 9:00am - 5:00pm