The Unsympathetic Heroine in Fiction and Memoir (Zoom)

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Despite the many male characters in literature who are famously flawed, there remains a double standard that women protagonists are supposed to be likable, inspirational, good, and someone the reader will root for as she overcomes externally imposed adversities. Why must women be sympathetic characters when well-loved male characters get to be gangsters, addicts, liars... even cannibals?

In this interactive seminar, we will discuss the intricacies of overcoming self-censorship and anxiety about writing "unlikeabe" women. We’ll also cover the myriad nuances of the pressure writers of women face to conform to stereotypes of patriarchal likeability, and the role writers, agents, editors, and marketing teams play in reinforcing this double standard despite a publishing industry being predominantly run by women. We'll also excavate the way these pressures are applied unequally based on racial demographics, ages, and other aspects of identity of female characters, and some of the consequences—and rewards!—writers of women face when their characters (or they themselves) step out of the good girl box.

Instructor: Gina Frangello Learn More


Dec 11, 2021 10:00am - 12:00pm