Visiting Author Series: From Cliché to Clever: Writing Authentic Metaphors with Elle Nash

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Metaphors do serve a purpose—they pull forth an image to render a specific emotional feeling to a reader. But sometimes, those metaphors become overused and can create an image that is very dull, which then fails to express the type of emotional response we want. Our goal as writers is to “bring the reader to their knees”— that is, to wrap a reader so fully into the emotional and spiritual content of the work that they feel moved by it (as Lidia Yuknavitch says, art doing its verb thing). In this class, we’ll learn how to identify clichés and then twist, turn, and unpack these phrases to 1) create a more unique voice, one that is yours and yours alone and 2) create more sensory detail in the story. Participants should bring one page from a manuscript in progress that contains at least one metaphor.

Instructor: Elle Nash Learn More


May 06, 2018 12:30pm - 2:30pm