Visiting Author Series: Memoir Four Ways with Sophia Shalmiyev

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What is it about the genre of memoir that we find so thrilling, so intriguing and yet, so oft scandalized and difficult to accept as the legitimate sister to fiction in the literary cannon? How many ways can memoir be written? Can we call it something else? In this generative workshop we will explore the many ways writers have told their stories of origin using the forms of prose poetry, lyric essay, autofiction/biographical short story, epistolary novel, and other means to prod, expose, destabilize or cover up their pasts, desires, identities and inheritances. We will read excerpts by CA Conrad, Eileen Myles, Grace Paley, Chris Kraus, Kathy Acker, Renata Adler, Mary Ruefle, and Claudia Rankine as grist for our mill and will use the latter part of the workshop to mirror and steal some of the techniques that appeal most, then share writing for a final discussion.

Afterwords, join Sophia for a free reading and reception (books available from Tattered Cover).

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Feb 15, 2020 3:00pm - 5:00pm