Our Future Home

Our most vibrant cities celebrate literature and the artists who write it. With Lighthouse, Denver possesses one of the most successful literary arts centers in the country, serving as a model for cities and towns all over the globe.

We aim to keep leading the way—and to invite even more people in our community to experience the transformative power of writing and reading.

Founded in 1997, Lighthouse has grown from a small cadre of literary types to a diverse community engaged in an active creative culture. Over 22,000 people of all ages and walks of life participate in Lighthouse programs each year, a number that’s growing by the day. It’s no wonder we’ve outgrown our current location at 1515 Race Street. 

Now is the time to write the story of a new home—an innovative space that looks a lot like Denver’s literary future, one that embraces a new vision built upon the foundation we’ve already made. We have the opportunity to create this home along the newly developed 39th Avenue Greenway in north-central Denver, on York Street.

Here’s how the new space will write the next chapter:

Writing Workshops: Throughout the year, hundreds of weekly workshops nurture writers of all ages and experience levels through the drafting, revising, and refining of poems, plays, screenplays, novels, short stories, essays, memoirs, and everything in between.

A More Equitable Literary World: Through focused projects, including our Writing in Color and Queer Creatives programs, we seek to amplify the voices of traditionally underrepresented writers, build community, and foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive writing community in Colorado.

Community Engagement Programs: From weekly Hard Times workshops, designed for people experiencing homelessness and poverty, to programs at libraries and museums and women’s shelters, we take our programming directly to people who need it.

Young Writers Program: We serve thousands of young people through school partnerships, community programs, in-house workshops and summer camps, and our Young Authors Collective for advanced teen writers. With several schools in walking distance, our after-school and summer writing programs will serve neighborhood youth in new and creative ways.

This is just a sneak peek of what Denver’s new literary center will look like. We’ll provide more information in the coming months, so keep an eye on our e-newsletters and website. This endeavor is the largest Lighthouse has ever undertaken, and we'll need your support to make it happen! Please reach out to Jordyn Wolking ([email protected]), Director of Development, to learn more and get involved.

Keep that light burning bright

Lighthouse Writers Workshop, true to its name, is a beacon of light, creativity, and hope, not just for Denver, but for all of us who find our way there from afar, feel inspired and nourished, and then carry its light to our benighted provinces, hearts, and writing projects. It is precisely the kind of grassroots/community institution that our country, and the world, needs right now. If you’re going to invest in the future—and in the present—keep that light burning bright.