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Lighthouse is located in Denver at 3833 Steele St., Suite 1438 (our outside door says "Suite A"), zip code 80205, in the York Street Yards development. See our location on a map here. You can enter the warehouse campus from either York or Steele Streets; there are two rows of warehouses and we're on the southwest corner of the southeastern warehouse. If you're driving the site, when you see a massive mural with the word BABY--that's the building we're in.

If you're coming from York Street: turn east onto 39th Street and then immediately turn right into the campus. Ahead of you there's a small greenspace; turn left and then right to get around the greenspace, passing Cohesion Brewing on your left and a large shipping container on your right. When you reach the end of the drive/roadway, turn left and continue past the large open area between two warehouse buildings, keeping on the lookout for the giant BABY mural.

If you're coming from Steele Street: You'll turn west onto what looks like a driveway just north of the Denver Health and Human Services Building. The road serpentines and heads toward Rivian Service Center. Continue until you approach the corners of the two warehouse buildings, one on your left and one on the right, and go left (south). The way isn't terribly clear, but continue until a roadway/alley appears on your right. We're up that road a few hundred yards (there's a tall fence and a park on your left). If you reach the end of the warehouse on your right, you've gone too far. Keep an eye out for a hanging Lighthouse sign.

The nearest bus stop, at 38th and York, serves the 24. The 44 also stops at Josephine/York and 40th. The nearest train station is 38th and Blake on the A line, which is a twenty-minute walk from Lighthouse along the 39th Avenue Greenway



If you need to see to cancel a workshop or event, please see our cancellation policy and call us at the number below.  

Office Hours: Monday–Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
By Phone: 303-297-1185
By E-Mail: [email protected]


Staff Contacts:

Susannah Bell, Administrative Associate: [email protected]
Brissa Mendoza, Administrative Associate: [email protected]
Kass Kunisch: [email protected]
Genna Kohlhardt, Assistant Director of Adult Programs: [email protected]
Torin Jensen, Special Programs and Content Manager: [email protected]
Jordyn Wolking, Director of Development: [email protected]
Jonna Ashley, Development Manager: [email protected]
Marissa Morrow, Community Engagement Program Manager: [email protected]
Alexa Culshaw, Marketing and Communication Manager: [email protected]
Simin Cyrus, Senior Accountant: [email protected]
Michael Henry, Executive Director
Andrea Dupree, Program Director

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Lighthouse Writers Workshop
3833 Steele St., Suite 1438
Denver, CO 80205

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