Writing Communities


    Becoming a member of Lighthouse not only has its privileges, like discounted rates for workshops and literary events, but it also means that you care about literature and creativity—and you care about literary community here in Colorado and beyond. You believe in the power of the literary arts, and subscribe to the notion that a thriving arts culture needs good literature, and good writers.

    Community Engagement

    Lighthouse hosts free, collaborative, community engagement programs throughout Denver and beyond. Our mission is to get people writing and to then share those stories in surprising, joyful ways. We want everyone to know: your story counts and it’s worthy of being shared.

    Writing in Color

    Writing in Color focuses on Colorado writers of color. The program includes monthly mixers which aim to connect writers of color with peers to share ideas, inspirations, new work, successes, challenges, and resources to foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive writing community in Colorado. 

    Queer Creatives

    Queer Creatives focuses on queer writers and makers in Colorado. We aim to connect queer creatives with peers because we know that LGTBQIA+ lives are enriched and affirmed through collective storymaking and storysharing. No matter how your creativity manifests, no matter how your queerness manifests, this is a space for you! At Lighthouse Writers Workshop, we aim to offer a more demographically complete representation of our writing community, offering a space that celebrates and welcomes the rich diversity of Colorado writers.


    Lighthouse fellowships help people with limited financial resources and exceptional talent join our workshops and advance their writing in four main areas. We offer fellowships for veterans, writers of color, Lit Fest, and the Book Project.


    We're always looking for volunteers to stack chairs, hang posters, tend bar, or simply say hello to guests. Plus, it's a great way to meet other literary-minded people! Fill out an interest form to let us know how you'd like to help.