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Theresa Rozul Knowles is an educator, entrepreneur, and event typewriter poet (or, in the case of COVID-19, "Pick a Topic Get a Poem Junt via Post Office). Her 13 years of teaching have included cognitive skills training, coordinating special education programs, and teaching creative writing. She graduated from the University of Memphis with honors in literature and a minor in Italian and theater. She has a poetry chapbook, Samhain & Such Inspired Junts; her poetry has been featured on NPR's All Things Considered, Pink Progression's Refuse to Stay Silent, Spit Poet Publishing, Sampaguita Press, and Immortal Verses. She is a co-coordinator of the Malaya Movement's Colorado chapter. When not dancing while contemplating action steps to empower the people or pretending the bath tub's an ocean while writing dramedies and poetry, Theresa's blessed ADHD brain also operates Citrine Ink to raise consciousness through creative writing experiences. 

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Drop-In Writing at the Denver Art Museum
All Genres, Fiction, Hybrid, Nonfiction/Memoir, Play/Screenwriting, Poetry

Drop-In Writing at the Denver Art Museum

October 25, 2022

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