Visiting Author Series: Bridging the Divide with Robin McLean (Denver)

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$75.00 Non-members

There are the things we write, and the things we want to write, and the divide between. We know when we have reached the divide when we stop typing at a precipice, when pens are set down, when we say, “No, I can’t write that.” Or worst of all, the delete button! In this generative class, we’ll build a bridge over the divide. Using a variety of guided, craft-based creative writing experiments, we’ll cross over to the other side into “dangerous” ways of writing. Whether personally prohibited content, or style, we’ll find methods of exploring through technique. Participants will depart the class with new landscapes open, more freedom of movement in their work, and liberty to travel on new and necessary maps.

Robin will also be giving a reading as part of our Friday 500 series the previous night. You can register for that here.

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Oct 29, 2022 10:00am - 12:00pm