Writing in Color Retreat

    The Fourth Annual Writing in Color Retreat was held August 1-4, 2022, both at our Lighthouse location in Denver and virtually. The 2023 dates will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed. Make sure that you sign up for our mailing list (select the Writing in Color box) to stay informed and be notified when registration opens. Stay connected by attending our monthly Writing in Color mixers (free but registration is required).

    Join us for days specifically designed to welcome, celebrate, and amplify the voices of writers of color. Whether working on a novel, memoir, short fiction, poetry, or hybrid/interdisciplinary forms, our experienced faculty and guest instructors will work closely with you to support your writing process. The workshops will focus on the creation of new works, connecting writers and their work to social movements and larger audiences, and amplifying narratives of often unheard and marginalized voices to build more equitable, just, and sustainable communities. Writers will have the opportunity to study and create with our faculty, guest instructors, and a community of peers. Writers identifying as people of color are welcome to join the classes.


    This year's intensive faculty includes Emilly Prado, Serena Chopra, André O. Hoilette, Mathu Subramanian, and Manuel Aragon and the intensives are focused on nonfiction, hybrid forms, poetry, fiction, and short forms across fiction, stage, and film.

    Craft Classes

    This year's craft faculty include Elwin Cotman, Andrew Hernández, Manny Loley, and Anna Qu.


    This year's events feature readings and two book launches.

    Retreat Scholars

    The following were awarded scholarships for the 2021 Retreat:

    2021 Writing in Color Retreat Scholars

    • Philip Clapham
    • Tochukwu Okafor
    • Ofelia Montelongo
    • Dianna Cordero
    • Annah Sidigu

    2021 Writing in Color Retreat -  Six Directions Scholars

    • Lambert Martin
    • Danielle Burbank
    • Darrien Benally
    • Agnes Attakai
    • Natalya (Tasha) Nez
    • Danielle Emerson