8-Week: Advanced Novel (Zoom)

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Writing a novel is a monumental undertaking—an act of faith requiring committed attention and effort at both the macro and micro level. In this advanced class we’ll seek to break down the process into manageable units, in an environment that’s as rigorous as it is supportive. This workshop will be feedback intensive, involving written and verbal critique from your instructor and peers. There will be no in-class writing but we’ll explore and discuss (and look to instrumentalize!) excerpts of great writers’ work, while we workshop up to twelve thousand words per student. This class is intended for novelists who’ve completed a sizable portion of their manuscripts and are looking to hone and amplify what makes their work inimitably theirs.

Prerequisite: At least one intermediate or advanced class and permission from the instructor. To apply, please email a writing sample (three to five pages) and a brief description of your workshop history to [email protected].

Instructor: Hermione Hoby Learn More


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