Lit Fest Tuition and Fellowships

Tuition for the weeklong Master Workshops includes an orientation on the Sunday evening before class starts, five workshop sessions, a one-on-one meeting with the instructor, and we'll have breakfast, coffee, and tea available for all participants.

Weeklong Tuition (Lee, Rapp Black, Offill, Millet, Conrad, Feiffer, Hayes, Black, Cusk, D'Ambrosio, Shipstead, Sáenz): $850/members; $910/non-members (discounts available through Lit Fest passes, available early April).

Weekend Tuition (Philippe, Almond, Jamison): $495/members; $555/non-members (includes breakfast each day)

Application Fee: $30 (non-transferrable, non-refundable)

Payment Plans: We have many payment plans available to make Master Workshop tuition more manageable. We just ask that tuition is paid in full by the end of the workshop. Also, all of our visiting instructors will give free readings, and most will offer one-time craft seminars that qualify for tuition assistance. At this time, we're unable to offer tuition assistance for Master Workshops. 

Cancellation Policy: For Master Workshops, $150 of the total tuition acts as a nonrefundable deposit. Of the remainder, any cancellation received more than one month before start date will receive a 50 percent refund. Less than one month before the start date, there is no refund available, and any balance due will still need to be paid in full. At that point, the instructor—and classmates—will have already read all of the submissions and prepared for the workshop as enrolled.

Purchases of festival passes, agent meetings, business panels, seminars, and salons are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Lit Fest Fellowships for Emerging Writers 

The Lit Fest Fellowship for Emerging Writers covers the full cost of tuition for a Master Workshop. Lighthouse will be awarding four fellowships for Lit Fest 2018 to advanced writers of fiction (1), poetry (1), dramatic writing (1)*, and creative nonfiction (1) who haven’t yet published a book-length work** and who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a weeklong or weekend Master Workshop.

Guidelines: All fellowship recipients will be responsible for their own airfare, accommodations, and transportation to and from Lit Fest.

A panel comprised of published writers and writing faculty will review each fellowship application, looking for talent, promise, and originality of vision. The panel’s final decisions will also consider the applicant’s financial need. Please do not send letters of recommendation.

The deadline for fellowship applications was March 15, 2018Meet our 2018 fellows

*The fellowship in dramatic writing is made possible by the generous donors who supported the Terry Dodd Memorial Scholarship Fund. 

**We define a "published, book-length work" as a novel, memoir, nonfiction book, or story/essay/poetry collection written by you and published by someone else in print, on the web, or as an e-book.


We launched the Lit Fest Fellowships for Emerging Writers in 2017. Read about the recipients and judges here.


Meet the judges for our Lit Fest Fellowships.


Still have questions? Visit our FAQs for information about accommodations, applications, and more.