Lit Fest Virtual Spelling Bee

    The Spelling Bee Company will host this night of fun, games, and wordplay. Up to ten spellers and their teammates compete for eternal glory and more tangible prizes, all while supporting Lighthouse. Teams are limited, so don’t procrastinate. Join us on June 12 at 6:00 PM MDT.

    To make sure you have time to fundraise before participating in the Spelling Bee, we highly encourage you to sign up by May 15. Please keep in mind that we can only accommodate up to 10 teams, and will fill up the slots on a first come, first serve basis. 

    Of course, you can join in the fun without being a contestant: The entire event will be live-streamed. Register here to watch the Lit Fest Virtual Spelling Bee live.

    Sign up to participate. 

    How It Works

    Now, this isn’t your 5th grade spelling bee. You don’t even need to be the best speller to win. Here’s how it works: Each team may have up to 10 people, and only one person will be the speller. The rest of their teammates will help along the way and cheer them on. The judges will mix it up by allowing players to cheat, bringing in games, special twists, and more! Even better, you’ll be supporting the literary arts as you participate.

    Speller Vs. Teammember

    You can set up a team (or maybe you’re pro-level and already have one, complete with uniforms), or you can also join an existing team that’s looking for some new members. Each team can have up to 10 people on it, but you’ll only have one Speller (think of them like your team captain). The other teammates will be on Zoom during the event to help out your Speller in a pinch. You’ll also fundraise together.


    As a group, each team is responsible for raising at least $2,500 for Lighthouse. You’ll work together toward that goal using a crowdfunding page. Proceeds will benefit Lighthouse’s community programs, and help us offer tuition assistance for writers experiencing financial hardship. No experience fundraising? No worries! Lighthouse staff will help guide you through the process.

    Fundraising will help you in the Spelling Bee too—the more you raise, the more likely you are to stay in the game! You buy cheats (like being told the next letter or asking your team) with the money you raised.

    Still Have Questions?

    Overwhelmed? Curious? Check out our Spelling Bee Frequently Asked Questions blog post below.