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Alyse Knorr is an assistant professor of English at Regis University and, since 2017, co-editor of Switchback Books. Her most recent book of poems, Mega-City Redux, won the 2016 Green Mountains Review Poetry Prize, selected by Olena Kalytiak Davis. She is also the author of the poetry collections Copper Mother (Switchback Books 2016) and Annotated Glass (Furniture Press Books 2013); the non-fiction book Super Mario Bros. 3 (Boss Fight Books 2016); and the poetry chapbooks Ballast (Seven Kitchens Press 2019), Epithalamia (Horse Less Press 2015), and Alternates (dancing girl press 2014). Her work has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Denver Quarterly, Columbia Poetry Review, The Greensboro Review, and ZYZZYVA, among others. She received her MFA from George Mason University.

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Writing Beautiful Sentences (Denver)

December 03, 2022

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Breadth of knowledge and generosity in presenting it are one thing, and so are an inviting, confidence-building presence—but it's rare to be stoked with genuine excitement over revelations about language. Alyse really delivered, and I'd take another course from her in a heartbeat. There was no mistaking everyone's pleasure in Alyse's examples, insights, and solicitations. Terrific instruction, and, as I say, exciting in the revelations. It was as much a celebration as anything else. Gets you pumped for writing in a lasting way.
Scott Sawyer