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Courtney E. Morgan received her MFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she has also taught creative writing workshops for five years. Her collection of stories, The Seven Autopsies of Nora Hanneman, was a semifinalist for the FC2 Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize. Her writing has also been published in Pleiades, The Red Anthology, American Book Review, and others. She is a recipient of the Thompson Award for Western American Writing, and was longlisted for the Diana Woods Memorial Award at Lunch Ticket and Glimmer Train’s Short Story Award for New Fiction. Courtney is the founder and managing editor of The Thought Erotic journal on sexuality and gender. She currently lives in Denver with her son and is working on her next novel. Photo credit: Glasswater Photography

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  • The Seven Autopsies of Nora Hanneman

    The Seven Autopsies of Nora Hanneman

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Courtney gives acute and useful feedback in a way that is constructive and also kind. Her examples of short stories had a dual purpose of illuminating writing techniques and specific craft topics. She understood the work of myself and classmates on a deep, synthesized level, which made her feedback grounded and reliable.

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