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Sarah Elizabeth Schantz is primarily a fiction writer living on the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado in a Victorian-era farmhouse where her family is surrounded by open sky and century-old cottonwoods. She literally grew up in a bookstore with parents who worshipped all things literature. A two-time Pushcart nominee, she has won several literary awards like Best New Stories from the Midwest and The Orlando Prize for Short Fiction hosted by the foundation, A Room of Her Own. Including the occasional poem, her short stories and essays have been published in journals such as The Los Angeles ReviewBombay Gin, Third CoastThe Adirondack ReviewMidwestern GothicHunger Mountain, and most recently Cutthroat. Her first novel Fig debuted from Simon & Schuster in 2015 and was selected by NPR as A Best Read of the Year before winning a 2016 Colorado Book Award. She is currently hard at work on her second novel, Roadside Altars, as well as a collection of short stories that circle grief as a connecting theme. When she isn't writing or teaching the craft of writing, she is likely reading, soaking in salt or milk baths, making candles, daydreaming, gardening, or wandering the woods or plains on full moons.

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4-Week: The Dystopian Short Story

February 14, 2023

Fiction, Nonfiction/Memoir

Out of Character

March 19, 2023

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Sarah's class was such fun and a wealth of information. Sarah is a wonderfully prepared and insightful teacher who seems to be able to connect with each workshop participant on a personal level, despite all being on zoom and all writing different things. Great workshop!
Linsey Krolik